""Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."


To make clear the advantages of cooperating with us we will tell you about our professional experience, the way we think, about our partners whom we appreciate, and are grateful for the results.

The Elpaso logo is two mountains side by side,  

and our motto is


The main goal of our team is

to keep “climbing up’’ in what we do.


Elpaso is a bridge that unites the interests of our clients in Russia and the CIS countries with international factories. After all, THE BEST VIEWS IS THE ONE FROM THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN.

Ольга Ефремова

Elpaso’s partners and friends are people with whom we have been through thick and thin; they are wise, talented, successful and most distinguished in their field, we can always count on them. Each business just like all of us has its own destiny. Through the years Elpaso acquired its key resource which is its partners who made crucial influence on our growth.


Since the year of its funding, 2005, each partner is like a planet in our solar system called Elpaso. “Your Sun is Elpaso.” That’s what our first driver used to say; he knew all the movements, meetings, goals and plans of Olga Efremova, our director. And that’s the way it is. We can attract right people only through our love for what we do, only through our actions and emotions that are like rays of that Sun. If we act correctly difficult times for every business become an opportunity to grow, to keep on going, to get stronger. Being a fighter is equally important for a mutually beneficial partnership and safe deals. We talk to our partners in an open and honest way, defending our point of view and our interests from any sort of manipulation and pressure.

“WE SHOULD REPLACE THE MANIPULATION OF PEOPLE BY ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT COOPERATION.” We live by these words of Erich Fromm. We don’t let manipulate us. Neither we work with those who do that.

When we see someone who comes from another country wanting to buy fast and a lot, open joint enterprises and showrooms at our expense we always consult with our legal team and say, “Either you play fair with Russia or don’t play at all!” We are patriots of our country. We try and find the best partners with the best goods in the world for Russia.


Elpaso learnt to choose, guard and appreciate partner relationship. We always expect it to be mutual. And disappointments don’t stop us.

When creating a beautiful interior design it’s crucial to love what you do, be faithful to it no matter how hard it can be. It’s crucial to have a warm personality, to have both taste and intuition. These are important qualities to keep growing, to offer designs, facing, textures, furniture, lighting, beautiful fabrics, i. e., all the best for personal or work space to our clients. Cold people don’t stay too long at Elpaso. Those really passionate about design, order and beauty stay with us.


Our partners are those who appreciate beautiful strategy and consecutive decisions.

The first and fundamental ones are the CEO’s of factories and banks located in the capital of the Ural region. In 1999 Yekaterinburg saw the opening of our first showroom called “Delovaya mebel ” which exhibited managers’ offices manufactured by the Spanish factory Ofifran S. L. and the Ural factories “Karat-E” and “Lial”.


The visit to our first Habitat Valencia trade fair in Spain in 2000, at the beginning of the new century, became the main direction for choosing a long term partner.
It was there that we met and built a foundation for future partnership with Maria Tovkach, executive officer for supplying internal demands at PJSC Mosenergo’s Moscow region office;

Реализованные рекламные идеи Ольги Ефремовой

with María José Guinot and her sons, owners of Colección Alexandra; with Juan Bautista Franco Sánchez, owner of Ofifran S. L., and Patricio Toribio Villanueva, head of the Russia’s Ofifran S. L. office. Together with Ofifran S. L. we developed a number of projects in the Ural region and the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district for JSC Uralelectromed, JSC Uraltransmash, JSC Severouralsk Pipe-Rolling Plant, PSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation, PJSC Gazprom Transgaz Yekaterinburg, the Administration and the Department of property of the city of Novy Urengoy, Novy Urengoy’s Recorder of Deeds, the Department of culture and other institutions of Novy Urengoy. Our professional career started off in the Ural Federal District and the very center of the Arctic circle, the city of Salekhard. It toughened us up and gave us some experience so we wouldn’t star our journey in Moscow from scratch.

We still work together with our most wise and honest first partners. Some of them became our good friends. That goes in line with our other motto, “A FRIENDSHIP FOUNDED ON BUSSINESS IS A GOOD DEAL BETTER THAN A BUSSINESS FOUNDED ON FRIENDSHIP”.


Our first Moscow partners were shareholders and managers from PJSC Mosenergo, namely Valery Saltykov and Maria Tovkach. We’d like to thank them for all that learning and toughening up from 2002 to 2007 while working together at Energotorg, a commercial and manufacturing company which is a subsidiary of PJSC Mosenergo. Saltykov and Tovkach were the ones who laid the foundation for a new partner relationship, business etiquette and business management for the Elpaso founder. She had priceless experience of combining two positions at the same time: that of the director of the ELITMEBEL showroom at 31 Zelenodolskaya Street, Moscow and that of the procurement manager at PJSC Mosenergo’s subsidiary Energotorg. ELITMEBEL saw a forming team whose results were evaluated by the executive officers of the subsidiary. In five years we provided furniture for PJSC Moscenergo’s Directorate-General in Raushskaya naberezhnaya, furniture for conference halls at JSC UES of Russia and PJSC Mosenergo; movie theatres, hotels, concert halls and offices at PJSC Mosenergo’s Directorate-General. We also developed design projects and provided furniture for public entities, such as the House of the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow’s Eastern Administrative district prefecture, the Planning Authority in the South-Eastern Administrative district. Among our most valuable clients are talented managers, such as Tatyana Zotova, head of the Planning Authority in the South Eastern Administrative district at the time; Natalia Golovanova, head of the Ivanovskoe district council in the Eastern Administrative district; Valery Salikov, who served as deputy director of PJSC Mosenergo’s CHP 22 back then. We name these people because they influenced Elpaso’s growth in Moscow, shared their contacts and experience with our team, they let us get something more than just an order. There’s another motto of cooperation here, “HE WHO SERVES PEOPLE IS BETTER THAN HE WHO IS FRIENDS WITH THEM”.

We served and keep serving our clients as if we were creating interior designs for ourselves.


Vasily Fedorenko, founder of the company KONDA, appreciated these values and is our strategic partner since 2005. Using his extensive experience in office administration and Elpaso’s knowledge of interior design we completed a number of orders for state corporations, namely Rostec, the Central Bank of the Russian federation, Perovo’s District council.

Vasily Fedorenko’s talented daughter Tatyana Sapeshko worked at our company from 2011 to 2016. During these years Tatyana managed retail orders.
In five years of cooperation and accumulation of work experience at Elpaso another direction labelled KONDA was opened. Tatyana Sapeshko manages on her own all the online orders and shipping.

In this cooperation we can see another rule working, “OUR REAL TEACHERS ARE EXPERIENCE AND EMOTIONS”.


At Elpaso, we welcome young people who are able to work and grow while creating beautiful interior designs, elaborate design projects; we welcome artists and professionals who can participate in social media marketing of our websites, social media, blogs and other related web pages.

Elpaso signed a contract with the architect studio “Na Smolenke” in Moscow. We work with its founder Svyatoslav Ivanchenko who is a professional and accomplished Architect of the Russian Federation. Together we worked on projects for housing estates Dominion, Mosfilmovsky, Solov’inaya Roscha, Novoyasenevsky; several projects for Rostec and the Central Bank of the Russian federation. Elpaso and “Na Smolenke” studio coincide in their taste, opinion and approach towards interior design. We schedule meetings with our clients at two locations (based on personal preferences): Smolenskaya ploschad (3-4 minutes from the Smolenskaya metro station to a mansion in pereulok Kamennaya Sloboda) or in Zelenodolskaya street (within walking distance from the Kuzminki metro station).


Our clients highly evaluate our interior designs and our relationship goes beyond finishing a project. We appreciate that many of them come back for another one.


Together with “Na Smolenke” studio Elpaso has a significant advantage as it is an authorized dealer of the Colección Alexandra manufacturer.  We present pieces of Colección Alexandra’s unique collections of furniture, such as designer chests of drawers, cushioned furniture, and company’s signature tables in Moscow.

We create some of our projects in cooperation with talented architects, e. g., Elena Potyomkina who started her professional career at our company, Ivan Panteleev with whom we go back to PJSC Mosenergo, and Alexandra Petropavlovskaya who nowadays has her our design studio and excels in interior design.


Our partners are wonderful artists Olga Gavrisheva, Alexey Filatov, Rima Vladyuk and Zinaida Chernyshova. We thank all of you for working with us! Together we made the most unusual and creative projects for our clients adding a spark of your talent and soul.

ELPASO works with and is an authorized dealer of the next Spanish manufacturers:


We recommend and supply goods of several Italian manufacturers:


and more than 70 other excellent Italian factories.

We are glad to collaborate with interior design professionals, studios, architects, and designers. We guarantee favourable terms of supply to our clients.


Elpaso’s Moscow office address is 36/2 Zelenodolskaya Street

ELPASO – is an authorized distributor of MBMbiliardi for Russia and the CIS. We offer designer billiard tables as well as develop a partner programm for interior designers and studios.

We’ve prepared a special price list for you with great discount offers. We are ready to offer you special cooperation terms after a personal meeting. You join the innovative stream of BILIARDI REVOLUTION in interior design and our MBMbiliardi club by integrating our goods into your projects.

Thanks to a new and original approach from Italian craftsmen nowadays women as well as men and professional players like MBMbiliardi billiard tables. And there’s a reason for that:


You can transform our billiard table into a dinner one with the help of four removable covers or you can make even a desk.

6-7 foot tables are often used in small spaces such as offices, apartments, conferences halls in order to entertain your guests, play or even teach this game to your children. MBM’s unique 10-12 foot tables are used for international championships (Ziggurat, BIG, TINTORETTO designs). Premium billiard tables are a part of the MBMbiliardi collection. The Biliardiitalia presents mid-priced billiard tables.

Billiards has always been popular in Russia. MBMbiliardi tables always take into consideration the XXI century rhythm, lack of time and bring several generations together playing at home, not only in clubs.


You can always contact our Moscow office in order to try these tables or get more information.
We offer materials and samples for orders for MBMbiliardi tables. Come for a game! (day must be pre-agreed)

Yours sincerely, Olga Efremova
Director of Elpaso, MBMbiliardi’s authorized distributor for Russia and the CIS
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What are the advantages of collaborating with Elpaso?


Special terms for buying unique billiard tables

The Elpaso company is an authorized distributor of MBMbiliardi in Russia and the CIS which brings an opportunity to buy a billiard table at a good price. The factory’s Moscow office is the only one that offers the best terms for our clients in Russia and the neighboring countries. Our clients buy billiard tables directly from us and are offered the list price without any additional cost from intermediaries. We import the tables directly from Rome to Moscow at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and deliver them with the help of experts in installing the tables. We have a partner programme for architects and interior designers. Billiard tables are exhibited at the manufacturer’s fairs in Moscow and Rome. We also have tables in stock. We use a whole range of facing for our tables, be it furniture polish, leather, glass or wood combined with aliminium. Our billiard tables are real transformers that adapt to your height. Both adults and children can play at the same time. There’s a remote control than helps you adapt the height of the table. Thus you have a coffee table thanks to a special folding device under the tabletop. MBMbiliardi has a design called Biliardo Revolution for disabled people who use a wheelchair in their day-to-day life. MBMbiliardy and Elpaso make this game accessible to everyone!

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Complete interior

Elpaso’s experts have been creating complete interior designs for more than twelve years. Only the best Russian and European architects design properties, all the building and finishing works are supervised by a team of highly qualified professionals. We keep our projects on track which includes design implementation, quality control of services, materials, and deliveries. We abide by commercial confidentiality and strictly stick to the contract. Our clients appreciate the most how comfortably and calmly their design interiors come true. All our experts go through tests on treating people of different age, social status and life experience. We can provide reviews from our most distinguished clients from state or other institutions in Russia and Europe. Besides, Elpaso can always give you a tour of the finished projects. Our website has a factory and article number filter. Our catalog has more the 12,000 designer pieces, for example, furniture, lighting, billiard tables, fabrics, cornice mouldings, and materials for any interior design. We offer you the list price and direct supply from the manufacturer. Elpaso is an authorized dealer of many leading world factories and provides its clients with a wide range of services.

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Elpaso’s guarantees
to you

When you get an Elpaso interior, you don’t have to pay for a costly rent of commercial property. We have our own spaces; that is why you only pay for the goods and delivery plus your personal discount. Thanks to our supervisors, architects, and interior designers you will avoid useless corrections and will save time, trouble, and money. Elpaso was born in 2005 and since that moment you can find it at 36/2 Zelenodolskaya Street, Moscow. If necessary, we provide our clients with contract guarantees as well as the documents for deliveries including auction and tender purchases complying with the Budget Law and other laws of the Russian Federation. Elpaso LLC.’s founder and key partners have been the same for more than twelve years. Elpaso appreciates that our clients come back for more designs; for some of them we are a family studio as they recommend us to their children and grandchildren.  THE MOST VALUABLE THINGS ARE A POSITIVE CONNECTION, GOOD NAME, YOUR TRUST AND AN INTERIOR DESIGN THAT REFLECTS YOU. WE ARE ALL FOR ACKNOWLEDGING AND BEING HELPFUL TO EACH OTHER! These are the best guarantees of cooperation.

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The art is in the details.
Or fabrics

Our fabrics collections offer drapery, lace curtains, linen, cashmere, velvet, and other sorts of fabrics. We also decorate concert halls “dressing” the stage. For example, we did it for the Gubernsky theatre in Moscow. We made drawings and later manufactured curtains for its picture windows in the hall. Our sewing department makes drapes and textile goods, for example, furniture covers, bed covers, pillows and bolsters. All these can be customised. We decorate rooms in accordance with the interior design of hotels, health retreats, beauty salons, and campsites. Since 2005 we’ve brought cosiness to many houses and apartments in Moscow and other Russian cities. Thanks to our digital drawings our clients can see how their curtain will look in real life. We take our fabrics samples to our clients’ locations so that we can make the best possible choice. It’s a perfect way to see the colour of the fabric in natural light. Thanks to our perfectly organized process of fitting and well elaborated designs new drapes will complete your furniture, facing, the colour of the walls and doors. Our textile goods made by our craftsmen represent the true art in the details and the fluidity of an interior design united in style.

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Exclusive doors and customised furniture

We have been providing our customers with unique pieces for more than twelve years. Beautiful interior designs are our vocation. We can offer you everything for manufacturing any type of interior doors, luxury furniture, cabinets and bathtub aprons. We guarantee high quality and we have all the necessary means to keep the unique style of any project. We choose, recommend, control and take full responsibility for manufacturing all the best goods “MADE IN RUSSIA”! Elpaso is a partner of major construction companies and is a part of the “GOLDEN RATIO” programme for the owners of real estate built by the KROST concern. As such, we offer a 40% discount on services, materials, doors, lighting, and furniture. If you buy real estate we offer you our special terms for interior design projects and decoration! 

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As experts, we control our projects from the beginning to the very end. We provide a COMPLETE DECORATION for you that includes TV, picture and mirror frames. We make design for mosaic panel and tile them only with the most experienced professionals. You can make an order for unique artistic pieces such as paintings, bas-relief, matchless creations and skillful painting by our artists, sculptors, and designers from all over Russia and Europe. We create truly emotional interior designs thanks to unique pieces in accordance with your taste, style and point of view. Elpaso aspires to style heights to make your ideas come true! We listen to our customers, we love and understand the beauty of interior designs and we combine this with individual approach to each and every project. We don’t accept mediocre solutions and we are always ready to amaze you!

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