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We create an atmosphere, style and comfort of public and private non-movable assets. We create inspired, comfortable, and smart interior spaces. We work with experienced Russian and European architect, artists, craftsmen, designers and decorators who are noted for their sense of style,
taste, and ability to listen to and understand our estimated clients.

We aspire TO STYLE HEIGHTS together with you!

Maria Zorina

Designer, “Na Smolenke” studio

Maria Zorina was born on November 5, 1990. She attended Krasnopresenenskaya Art School and after it, from 2008 to 2014, she studied at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (Faculty of Architecture and Engineering). In 2015, she studied an additional course in 3D-visualization at EMOTION SCHOOL.
She’s been in interior design since 2012. In 2015 she started working for “Na Smolenke” studio where she focuses on interior design and architectural and improvement projects.


Elena Potyomkina

Interior designer, architect, and decorator

Elena graduated from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts.
Since 2005, she has been focusing on interior designs for private and corporate clients. Since 2009, she has been a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia. That is why you can find authentic paintings in her designs. She has won many awards in her professional field.
Elena uses architectural approach in her designs.
Her projects are based on contemporary design trends as well as a combination of different styles.
“For me, style is about refining each detail, it’s about making everything logical. I like it when there is a lot of space and air. It’s important that the design wouldn’t get obsolete and be functional in any sense.”
Elpaso has been working with Elena since 2005. We commissioned to her designs for the Planning Authority of the South-Eastern Administrative district (a custom made office for an executive officer); JSC Mosenergo (a project of a departmental exhibition of furniture and goods for the staff); Elena decorated our displays of furniture and interior design items at expos.


Vicente Sangerman

Designer of company Mariner

Mariner currently is a leading Spanish manufacturer of furniture, lamps and other interior items. The experience and wisdom of four Gurrea generations (the founders of the factory) prompt accurate design solutions, combining tradition and modernity.
The company’s designer, Vicente Sangerman, as a connoisseur and lover of art history, integrates the best ideas of the past in each new Mariner collection.
Drawing from a rich heritage, the artist combines time-tested ideas with today’s trends. And this is just what ensures Mariner collections’ success among a wide range of clients. Despite the importance of traditions and their influence on the collections’ style, Vicente complies with current tendencies, trends and the fashion factor.
It is possible to define Mariner style of furniture as “close to traditional classics”. In addition, the factory’s production includes elements of neoclassical style, allowing the given furniture to be employed for the design of almost any interior.
Concerning the furniture decoration, Mariner employs carvings, inlays, and even a particular patina technology to obtain maximum similarity with antique-style and stained-glass interior items.
Among this company’s pieces of furniture you are going to find complete sets for dining rooms and living rooms, for bedrooms and offices, as well as a variety of models of upholstered furniture, which will amaze you with their splendor and luxury. In any interior, Mariner furniture becomes the real testimony of the exclusivity of the given interior and of its owner’s impeccable taste. Indeed such furniture is valuable not only for its aesthetic qualities, but also for its reliability, practicality and functionality.


Egle Mie

Designer, painter. Director of Company “Eglidesign”.

Egle Mie is an extremely talented and soulful painter, a designer and a professional in the field of interior design.
She is a master in fine arts, who has been awarded several high-profile European prizes in the sphere of architecture and design.
Egle Mie is the owner of the Company «Eglidesign», where ideas for the design of both private and public projects are developed and implemented.
The original solutions offered by the company’s promising young team have attracted and inspired many customers from all over the world.
Eglidesign is more than a furniture manufacturer: it is a brand that provides a tribute to fashion and brings the classical tradition’s heritage into the contemporary artistic culture. The company aims at producing artworks able to evoke emotions and excitement, as well as a sense of nostalgia.
Uniqueness, originality and individuality are the main bases of the creative workshop.
A typical feature, shared by many Egli collections, is the diffusion of anthropomorphic elements in the lines’ geometry. As a result, the models seem to “take life”: human limbs replace classical bases, angels’ wings adorn facades and serve as doors, bars take the form of an egg or the face of a mythical character. In fact we can say that each collection represents an art gallery, an exposition which could be seen at a museum of modern art.
The collections are produced in limited edition. Every detail is hand-finished, with the use of both modern technology and a more classic approach to the art of craftsmanship.
" Our furniture is sculpture reflecting the world around us, like all the arts do. These sculptures are looking for keepers, in the form of customers from all over the world!"


Jacobo Ventura

Head of the design department of the company “Coleccion Alexandra”.

Jacobo Ventura is a world-renowned Spanish interior designer: ambition, creative thinking and the commitment to the overall family idea are the trump cards of this promising artist and master. The main idea at the base of all the various Coleccion Alexandra collections is reflected in every single detail and nuance. The realization of any piece of furniture or interior item arises from Jacobo’s perception of the surrounding world, from his constant search, observation and associations.
Each detail has its own value and carries a special meaning. The perfect combination of classic and modern trends and motives results in an eclectic style, defined by the designer himself as "new classics”.
Jacobo draws by hand all his sketches and design projects. Having a conversation with the master, you’ll understand how all his projects come to life: in few minutes, the artist creates a picture of the future version of the interior according to the client’s wishes. Moreover, Jacobo is the author of almost all the paintings of Coleccion Alexandra, which complement the overall interior with their quality and originality. Initially, the non-standard combinations proposed by the designer caused confusion and perplexity in the community: high appreciation and recognition of Jacobo’s creativity came later.
“The fundamental basis of Coleccion Alexandra’s production is its overall and personal concept of decoration. When producing our collections we follow a particular idea, in order to implement a holistic project. To achieve these aims, for many years the company has been creating a variety of fabrics, accessories and other decorative details. For this reason it is very important to maintain the commitment to the collection concept, and to present a complete set of objects which are able to embody an exclusive design in the interior space”.