Our team

We create an atmosphere, style and comfort of public and private non-movable assets. We create inspired, comfortable, and smart interior spaces. We work with experienced Russian and European architect, artists, craftsmen, designers and decorators who are noted for their sense of style,
taste, and ability to listen to and understand our estimated clients.

We aspire TO STYLE HEIGHTS together with you!

Olga Efremova


Olga is Elpaso’s founder. She got degrees in Art History/Cultural anthropology and Managerial psychology. She believes that any human being’s goal is to grow and let others do the same.
Trust-based partner relationship built through the years is of great value for her. She is the author of creative advertising projects, designs and managerial strategies based on the premises that “one should act beautifully and keep on going” and “a real manager has a long-term perspective and doesn’t look for fast money.” Her organizational skills are paired perfectly with creative way of thinking and artistic approach. She also worked in media as a journalist, director, and TV anchor. She got experience in analytics and business management after working for JSC Metallurgical Holding and JSC Mosenergo.
Her professional interests are design, video and photo stories for Elpaso, interviews with top experts in interior design and authors of successful projects. In her free time Olga loves to Latin dance, practice aerial yoga, hatha yoga, to travel, and to play billiards.


Alexander Fedorenko

Commercial Director

Alexander is a part of Elpaso since the very beginning. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Moscow University for the Humanities. He is the most tolerant, considerate, and calm member of the team. These are crucial qualities for working with money and key partners.
Alexander supervises deliveries, their timing, and payments specified in contracts. He is responsible for communication systems technical safety and oversees a number of development strategies.
He never uses harsh criticism towards his colleagues as he believes that “damning remarks are a sing of being a bad leader.”
Alexander has a mind of a diplomat and strategic thinker who resolves difficult issues at different stages. He achieves balance among his colleagues, it appears, without making any effort. Self-control and stamina are two words that describe him. He hasn’t taken part in any conflict during all his years at Elpaso. He is an executive officer born for peace and prosperity. Our partners call him Buddha or The Aristocrat. He leads a healthy lifestyle, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t like over-eating. Alexander is a fan of new technologies and human accomplishments bordering on fantasy. Our Buddha has philosophical views on the meaning of life and makes everyone around him feel calm and joyful. His particular interest lies in the field of new materials and possibilities of home building. His hobbies are landscape design, travelling, playing chess, and helping his loved ones’ personal growth.


Irene Kuznetsova

Assistant to the CEO

Irene earned her degree from the Faculty of Law at Moscow State Industrial University.
All our new and bold ideas go through Irene’s sensible mind and her capability to evaluate the situation.
“I only do what I do the best, when I am sure of the result.”
She takes part with Elpaso’s team in world’s leading interior design expos.
Irene helps the CEO with document management and collection choice according to client’s wishes.
She believes the main advantage of her job is personal growth and business communication having the psychological aspect of creating an interior design in mind.
She likes talking to extraordinary people. Among her interests are art, fashion, style, photography, and cinema.


Svyatoslav Ivanchenko

Lead Architect, Head of “Na Smolenke” architect studio

Svyatoslav is our key partner and the author of ideas and interior design projects made together with Elpaso team.  
He studied Residential and Public buildings at Moscow Architectural Institute. Svyatoslav worked as the head of city improvement and design department in the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow. Since 2004, he has been designing residential and public buildings in “Na Smolenke” studio. His motto is “STEP BY STEP!” and his hobbies are hunting, sports, and travelling.


Oleg Galuzinsky

Brand Manager

Oleg got degrees in Biomedical equipment from the Department of Physics at Chernivtsi National University and in Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from Computer Academy “SHAG” (which means “STEP” in English).  
His priorities and life goals are his family, bringing up his daughter, maintaining close and friendly relationships with his relatives, personal growth, playing sport such as football and billiards, lifelong learning and perfecting his professional skills.
His interests and hobbies are working on scripts, photo- and video shooting, video editing, publishing image advertising for Elpaso and its clients. He also takes orders for presentation videos for our partners.