Our team

We create an atmosphere, style and comfort of public and private non-movable assets. We create inspired, comfortable, and smart interior spaces. We work with experienced Russian and European architect, artists, craftsmen, designers and decorators who are noted for their sense of style,
taste, and ability to listen to and understand our estimated clients.

We aspire TO STYLE HEIGHTS together with you!

Svyatoslav Ivanchenko

Lead Architect, Head of “Na Smolenke” architect studio

Svyatoslav is our key partner and the author of ideas and interior design projects made together with Elpaso team.  
He studied Residential and Public buildings at Moscow Architectural Institute. Svyatoslav worked as the head of city improvement and design department in the Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow. Since 2004, he has been designing residential and public buildings in “Na Smolenke” studio. His motto is “STEP BY STEP!” and his hobbies are hunting, sports, and travelling.


Alexander Krivitsky

Organizer and Lead Architect since 2007

Alexander led our studio for years and we saw our architecture and interior design style taking shape. You can easily see its evolution by taking a look at our portfolio. This style and approach echoed in our clients.
Relying on our higher education and classical architecture principles we use modern technologies, materials, and innovative solutions. A right mix of traditional and modern in our projects as well as our extensive experience in their implementation guarantees our success and long-standing cooperation with our partners and clients!


Ivan Panteleyev

Architect, designer, head of 3D-Arch studio

Ivan specializes in creating exclusive private, commercial, and public interior spaces for clients from Moscow and all over Russia. Studio’s creative team solves successfully all the tasks given relying on global design trends, contemporary style, and classical interior design principles. There is a high demand by our private and corporate clients for unusual and exclusive interior designs by the studio’s team. “Each client gets more than just a beautiful interior space; they get their dream come true. We keep on working and evolving so that our clients are 100% happy dealing with us.”


Massimo Iosa Ghini

Italian architect and designer

For many years Massimo has been collaborating with Snaidero, Bonaldo, Flou, La Murrina, and others. He is the author of the futuristic Ferrari Museum in Maranello and Budapest’s New York Palace hotel interior design. His team’s motto is “Let’s challenge architecture!” Speaking about design and its future he says, “When I design an item I try to make it special. It shouldn’t be blatant but it must stand out. Featureless items make an interior space boring, they develop stereotypical thinking. Design is similar to painting or sculpture. Its role is to give birth to that beauty that will save the world. If we want to see happy people we should produce “happy” (in my mind it means beautiful first of all) furniture!”


Massimialiano Maggio

Creative Director and Designer, MBMbiliardi and Biliardi Italia

Massimiliano is the creative director, innovative engineer, and author of revolutionary designs of MBMbiliardi and Biliardi Italia’s unique billiard tables. During many years he has been working on and implementing ideas of a billiard table of the future. It is reflected in the transformation of these tables into a desk or a dining table. Massimialiano is MBM Biliardi’s Chief Design Officer. Thanks to his innovative approach and hard work MBM Billiardi is world-renowned for its tables. He taught “Billiard tables design” class at the University of Fine Arts in Florence (LABA). He believes that the ultra-modern Ziggurat billiard table is the main achievement from the point of view of design. It was inspired by its namesake from Mesopotamia, a stepped pyramid. Ziggurat billiard table features complicated geometry, precise math calculations, and a unique possibility to integrate it into your interior space. A constant search for new design of billiard tables allowed seeing the birth of new collections.


Alexandra Petropavlovskaya


In 2009, Alexandra graduated from the Department of Architecture at Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute. Since 2011, she has been self-employed which later on led her to funding her own studio. In these years she created and implemented about 70 diverse projects! That’s what Alexandra says about herself, “I am an architect, designer, and artist through and through. I believe in beauty and harmony, I believe that we can make this world a better place. I want to see interesting people, beautiful interior spaces, flowers, and music around me. The most important thig for me in my job is to see satisfied clients who are happy with the space design I create!”